If you are thinking of visiting the United States of America, then it is important for you to submit an application for ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorization. ESTA is a specialist visa waiver product and possessing an ESTA means that it is no longer mandatory for an individual to have USA visa for taking a trip to the US. Individuals traveling to the USA by sea or flying to the country can apply for ESTA. You need to apply for ESTA online, and the application needs to be submitted minimum seventy-two hours in advance of travel. For obtaining travel authorization by way of ESTA, travelers need to visit ESTA website where they get prompted towards completing a passport and biographical information. There are also some questions that they need to answer.

How does ESTA work?

ESTA has been introduced by The United States Department of Homeland Security. Under ESTA, an individual traveling to the USA on the VWP or Visa Waiver Program gets electronic travel authorization before boarding a carrier for traveling by sea or by air to the USA.

This new system of travel authorization does not come with the guarantee of admissibility to USA at the US port of entry. However, it authorizes travelers to board carriers destined for the USA. ESTA came into being on 1st August 2007, and it has been effective since 12th January 2009. It is important to note that people possessing a valid visa for the United States do not need to get any travel authorization under ESTA.