Individuals should fill in the required form for ESTA which is a very simple procedure coming with immediate responses. There are some well-known websites available on the internet that carry out the task of handling ESTA applications. Once an individual’s travel request to the United States of America has been authorized, he or she is not required to apply for ESTA all over again. This is because the ESTA visa waiver works for several years provided individuals meet specific conditions. Factors dominating the ESTA application procedure are as follows:

  • All the countries in the world are not subscribed to ESTA visa waiver program. This is the reason why it is important for individuals to know whether their respective countries are listed or not.
  • Individuals with plans of vacationing in the US for more than three months are not eligible for making ESTA application. This is because ESTA is valid for stays of less than ninety days. It is also important for people to detail the reason behind their trip to the US. The ESTA application can be filled in only if an individual is planning a leisure trip to the United States or if he or she is visiting the country for business.
  • Before deciding on submitting an ESTA application, individuals need to ensure that they possess a passport that is machine readable.
  • There are different security questions that individuals need to answer if they are going for their first trip to the United States. Therefore, it is wise to reserve airline tickets rather than paying for them in total because there are chances of being refused for ESTA.